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During the Cold War (1947 - 1991), the USSR established one of the most sophisticated special secret services in the world which trained female spies to seduce foreign men and women of present or future importance. The Sex Spies were part of the Sovjet Union's feared and highly successful secret service, the KGB. The KGB recruited pretty girls and trained them in every conceivable seduction and sex techniques. Lesbian and hetero sex orgies were part of the practical classes that were videotaped and then discussed in detail by the whole group of participants. The students were told that they were soldiers for the USSR, with their weapons being their bodies. The graduates became sexually sophisticated women, without any shyness or shame, supposed to be able to execute any sexual task. The objects of sexual attack were thoroughly examined, the girls made intimately familiar with their targets' sexual preferences and activities. Foreign diplomats, business people and soldiers were ensnared, their sexual escapades with a Sex Spy filmed, and then blackmailed, sometimes years later. Since Putin came to power, Russia once again is using "Honey Traps" as a method to gain intelligence. This website portrays some of these Russian Sex Spies and their adventures, mainly concentrating on Galya (who was usually placed as a maid) and Larissa, the most beautiful of the Russian Sex Spies during the Cold War.
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